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Nauders at the Reschen Pass can look back at a long and turbulent history.

Ancient trade routes, like the well-known Roman emperors road “Via Claudia Augusta” passed the picturesque village and have turned it to a welcoming place already early long ago.
The charm of the history melts in a special way with the rhythms of the seasons and their traditions and rites to create a special holiday feeling.

Nauders is situated on a high plateau above the valley of the Inn, right in between the Finstermünz pass in the north and the Reschen pass in the south.

At the „Dreiländergrenzstein“, a landmark of 3 borders in 2180 m altitude, the three borders of Austria, Switzerland and Italy meet. The emblem of the region is Lake Reschen and its immersed church tower. From Nauders, you can reach the boarders of Italy and Switzerland within a few kilometres. In Nauders you are ideally placed for adventures and excursions to the privileged 3 border region

Excavations point towards a settlement during the early Bronze Age.

Already in the 2nd century the village had been marked at the Via Claudia Augusta on a map that has been found in Alexandria. Nauders itself was mentioned in a document in 1150 as “Nudres”. The centre of the village exposes a strong Rhaeto-Romanic influence. A prominent building is the “Schloss Naudersberg” – the castle of Nauders which has been the regional court for a long time. Close to the castle we find St Leonard’s chapel, the oldest preserved church of the Tyrol. In the last decades, Nauders has turned into a modern and future orientated tourism village without losing its historical charm.

Facts and figures:

Altitude: 1400 m - 3000m
Area: 90,3 km²
Population: 1.500
Hotel beds: 4.000

Due to the influence from the South, the climate in Nauders is notably milder than its Northern neighbours.

Characteristic for this is that despite the high altitude of 1400m potatoes, rye, barley, oat and wheat are still growing well. The terraced surroundings give evidence of intensive agricultural use. The unique beauty of the landscape also reflects in the natural monuments of the region. Winter sportspersons benefit from the special geographic location. Snow from the South and from the North, combined with the high altitude and modern artificial snow blowers are guaranteeing extraordinary snow reliability.

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